EmMa's Glück was founded by Anna and Varun in 2020.

However, the beginning of the story and the creation of the current label is a sad one. After Anna and Varun lost their first daughter Emilia Martha in autumn 2019, Anna found her way back to her old hobby, sewing. Soon the first small orders and individual wishes followed. Shortly after, the idea for a sustainable and timeless kidswear label was born, with a tribute to her star-child Emilia Martha. That was the birth of EmMa's Glück.

Already at the beginning of the label the basic pillars and values were defined. EmMa's Glück should stand for sustainability and 100% Handmade in Germany. The simple style should always be timeless, gender-neutral and in natural tones. Under this manifesto, every product is created today as a sustainable one-of-a-kind in the Hamburg studio.

The small team of EmMa's Glück now comprises seven heads. The tailors and dressmakers work together as a creative team every day and are responsible for the beautiful unique pieces for the little world discoverers. Future collections and product ideas are also designed and created together. Would you like to be a part of EmMa's Glück? Then apply now on your own initiative at hi@emmas-glueck.com.